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Castlepollard - Cionn Torc (Hill of the Boars), in a district of low hills east of Lough Derravaragh, is a good angling centre for the Westmeath lakelands and a base for exploring this part of the country.

Nicholas Pollard, an English Army captain from Devonshire, arrived in Ireland in 1597 during the Nine Years' War. He fought under the Earl of Essex's command against the Gaelic Irish forces. After that campaign, Captain Pollard was settled on land in the Mayne area. Cionn Torc (Kinturk), a lush valley between the lakes, was granted 'in capite' by the aging Queen Elizabeth I to Captain Pollard. He built a small castle at Rathyoung which he called Castle Pollard.

The town has a good retail base, and is a vibrate commercial centre for North Westmeath, consisting of Filling Stations, Banks, Post Office, Council Buildings, Primary and Secondary schools, a number of Grocery/Newsagent Shops, Hairdressers, Beauty Salon's, Boutiques, Drapery stores, Furniture stores, Pharmacy's and a large Hardware store.