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Lough Lene

The lake Lough Lene is situated less than 4 miles from the house, between the villages of Castlepollard, Collinstown and Fore. It possesses a rich and varied history. It also boasts the existence of prehistoric burial sites old ruins, many ancient village type communal circular dwellings locally called Ringforts, styles, and mass path. Lough Lene also has claims to being the home to Kings and tyarant Vikings, such as Turgesius who had one of his forts upon the hill on the south-west overlooking the lake from the Ranaghan side, before being killed by Melaghlin or Malachy the local Meath / Westmeath lord.

Lough Lene is also known as the first in-land and fresh-water lake to obtain a European Blue Flag for it's pollution free gin-clear water. This has been allocated with remarkable regularity to Lough Lene due to the surrounding agricultural communities commitment to preserving this water resource and habitat, for fish and wild-life.

Fishing permits, bathing, sailing, wind-surfing, swimming facilities, dressing-rooms and a pic-nic area, are available at the lake point locally referred to as "the Cut" about 2km north from the Collinstown cross-roads.
Jet-skis and water-skiing are prohibited on Lough Lene.